Questions concernant les paiements

Où sont mes comptes Sandbox ?

We have your existing Sandbox accounts. Once you log in, you can import them on the Sandbox Accounts page by using your old Sandbox login email and password.

Keep in mind that you can only import test accounts once to a single PayPal account. Make sure you import to the PayPal account that you want to use for development.

Dois je utiliser des numéros de cartes réel pour tester en mode Sandbox ?

When you create a new Sandbox test account, you can configure the account with a mock DISCOVER®, VISA®, American Express®, or MasterCard® credit card (you can also create a test account without a credit card). Navigate to the Funding tab on the test account’s Profile page to obtain the credit card number to use while testing. Configure separate test accounts to cover each of the credit cards you need to process.