Create a bank card payment to multiple recipients

Send the data of a card payment request to the S-money server

To send the data of the card payment request to the S-money server, please have a look at the example in the right margin of this page.

Send the data of the completed payment to the third-party server.

The third party server should provide the S-money server with an url server, so that the latter can communicate the results of the payment execution.

The HTTP POST method is used to invoke the S-money server.

The parameters of the HTTP request are :

Parameter Type Description
id string Operation OrderId
error Int Error code for failed payments, 0, if no error.
1 = The merchant needs to contact the bank of the holder
2 = Payment refused
3 = Payment cancelled by the client
4 = Holder not 3D-Secure enrolled
5 = 3D-Secure authentication error
6 = SystemPay technical error
type Int Operation type
1 = card payment
status Int Operation status
-1 = unknow
0 = waiting
1 = completed
2 = refunded
3 = refused
4 = Waiting for validation
5 = Cancelled
6 = Waiting to be sent
sequencenumber Int Sequence number of the multiple payment (if multiple payment
userid String User identifier in the third-party application
userstatus Int User status
0 = Not confirmed
1 = OK
2 = Frozen
3 = On the fly
4 = Being closed
5 = Closed
6 = Waiting for KYC (transfers blocked)

Redirection at the end of a card payment
The third-party server needs to provide the S-money server with the url server, so that the S-money server can redirect the client to the third-party environment. l’environnement tiers.
The url can be either associated to a web scheme (http/https) or a private web scheme, when the request will made from the third-party application.
The information sent can be used only for informative purposes and should not be, under any circumstances, used for the payment validation by the third-party server.

The HTTP parameters are as follows :

Les paramètres de la requête HTTP sont :

Parameter Type Description
Id String Payment OrderId
Result Int Transaction status
0 : Payment successfully completed.
2 : The merchant needs to contact the bank of the holder.
5 : Payment refused.
17:Client cancellation.
30 : Request format error. To compare with the value of
96 : Payment technical error.