Access to registered card payments :

- Access to payments of the connected user

- Access to payments of a user belonging to the connected third-party application.


Contains information about a registered card payment

Property Type Example Description
Id Long 22 Payment ID
OrderId String "123" Payment identifier in the third-party application
AccountId SubAccountRef Precise the sub-account which makes the payment.
If not precised, it is the main account which is used.
Card CardRef Bank card used
Amount Long 1020 Payment amount (in cents)
Fee Fee Fee
OperationDate DateTime 2013-09-10T 15:49:58 .791121+02:00 Payment date
IsMine Bool True if the account holder is also the holder of the bank card (it applies to an account top-up and not to a payment)
Status Int 1 Payment status
0 = Waiting
1 = Completed
2 = Refunded
3 = Failed
4 = Waiting for validation
5 = Cancelled
6 = Waiting to be sent


Contains information about a bank card

Property Type Example Description
AppCardId String "card123" AppCardId of the user’s card
Href Uri Uri for the details of the bank card


This item allows to identify the accounts between which the operations are made

Property Type Example Description
Id Long 98 Account identifier
AppAccountId String "123" Account identifier provided by the third-party application.
DisplayName String "Jean Dupont" Account display name
Href Uri "/api/accounts/123" Uri for details of the account


The Fee item defines applicable fees

Property Type Example Description
Amount long 150 Fee amount without vat (in cents)
VAT double 20 Fee percentage
AmountWithVAT long 180 Fee amount with Vat (in cents)
Status Int 1 Fee status
0 = Waiting
1 = Completed
2 = Refunded
3 = Failed
5 = Cancelled