Send a paper mandate to S-money

To send a paper mandate, please have a look at the example in the right margin.

If a mandate is refused for X reason, it is possible to make a new request uploading a new document on the same id of the mandate (id of a refused mandate).

If a mandate is refused for X reason, the reason is sent via « reason » parameter and the status of the mandate is 0 (waiting).

1. Sending the details of a mandate created by the third-party server
The third-party sever should provide the S-money server with an url allowing the S-money server to communicate the result of the mandate validation (within 2 business days after the receipt of the request).

The HTTP POST method is used to invoke the S-money server.
The HTTP request parameters are :

Parameter Type Description
id Long Mandate ID
type Int Operation type
9 = mandate
mandatedemandstatus Int Request status
0 = Incompleted
1 = Waiting
2 = Refused
3 = Accepted
status Int Mandate status
0 = waiting
1 = validated
2 = revoked
userid string User identifier in the third-party application
reason String Reason of refusal :
 The bank account of the mandate does not match
the registered bank account
Mandate not readable
The mandate is not signed
 Other (xxxxxxxx)