A specific payment cannot be executed

A payment can fail because of measures taken by the client, for example he refuses the direct debit or do not own sufficient funds to make the payment.
These failures are amongst the most common. When you receive one, you have to talk with the debtor in order to agree on when to send the payment order.

Proof code Description More detailsRequired action
AM04 Insufficient funds The debtor’s bank could not pay the direct debit because of insufficient funds. Contact the client in order for him/her to supply his/her account, and send the payment once again.
MS02 The debtor refuses the direct debit The debtor refuses this specific direct debit. This code can be received before or after the direct debit, depending on how fast the bank answers the refusal. Contact your client.
MS03 Reason not specified One of the most common error codes. Often used when banks chose not to use codes for more specific reasons, such as MD07 and AM04, under the reason of data protection. Contact your client.