The account cannot accept SEPA direct debits

Some bank accounts cannot accept direct debits ; They can be closed or blocked for legislative reasons or by the client. If you receive one of these mesages, you cannot set a direct debit mandate on the account. If so, ask the debtor to provide a new bank account details, or to lift the blockade on their account, and then submit a new request.

Proof code Description More detailsRequired action
AG01 Direct debits forbidden on this account for legislative reasons A SEPA direct debit cannot be set on this type of account. It is probably a savings account. Contact your client for information regarding the account to use.
AC04 Closed account The account has been closed. The client may have used an old account number, or he has closed the account since the mandate has been set. Contact your client to get the new account information.
MD07 Client deceased You tried to set up a mandate on a deceased person’s account. Extremely rare. End the contract with the deceased client.
AC06 Account blocked for SEPA direct debits by the debtor The account has been blocked for direct debits either by the bank or by your client. It can be blocked by default, in this case, the debtor can lift the blockade. Contact your client to ask for a method/ a substitute payment account.
SL01 Specific service offered by the debtor’s bank. The request is facing specific instructions your client gave to his/her account, for example : blacklisted the creditor or did not whitelist him/her. Contact your client.
AC13 The debtor account is a physical person’s account A SEPA B2B direct debit collection has been adressed to a private individual. It may be because the client gave the wrong payment account, the payment account deos not handle B2B direct debits or because the client did not know B2B mandates are restricted to professional accounts. Contact your client to clarify the situation and agree on another means of payment (for example a SEPA Core direct debit).