Internal data errors

These error codes are sent to you when you transfer incorrect data about the creditor, a file in an invalid format or transactions incorrectly sequenced. When receiving one of these error codes, you have to try and fix the data in your database or file, and then submit the request once again.

Proof code Description More details Required actionAction
AM05 Duplicate direct debit Collection has already been made. This can either be caused by a wrong transaction ID, or because two FIRST transactions have been submitted. Verify the collection really is duplicated.
BE05 Creditor’s ID incorrect The given creditor’s ID is incorrect or not valid. Fix the creditor’s ID and submit your request once again.
FF01 Transaction code incorrect or file’s format invalid. A mandatory field is missing in your order file, or one of the fields is not compliant with the interbank specifications. Repare the XML file.
FF05 Incorrect direct debit type The drect debit type shows a value other than COR, COR1 or B2B. Verify the direct debit type.
MD02 Missing or inaccurate mandate data The mandate data given by your client are incorrect or there are missing elements. Update the missing or incorrect information.
RR03 The creditor’s name or adress required by the regulation is incorrect or missing. Your name or adress is missing. You can verify by yourself before transfering it. If information is missing, modify the direct debit and submit the request once again. If it is a regulatory error, contact the client’s bank.
AG02 Incorrect transaction code, or sequence error The sequence type is not compatible with previous direct debits. For example, you send a RCUR payment to a client with no previous FRST payment. Correct the wrong information and try again.
MD01 No valid mandate or operation not authorized The mandate is not valide anymore on the client’s account. When it is sent as a response to a RCUR payment, the mandate has been canceled by the client and can not be restored. If not, the mandate may have expired, if not used for 36 months.
It is also used when a client asks for a refund, declaring this operation had not been authorized. This can happen until 13 months after the payment.
Verify a valid mandate is set up. In the case of a refund, contact your client for more details.