Create a KYC request

To create a KYC request via the API, please refer to the example in the right margin of this page.

3 entry point are available according to the type of document sent :

- POST /users/appuserid/kyc/identitycontrol to send an ID (only usable for private individuals)

- POST /users/appuserid/kyc/addresscontrol to send a proof of adress (only usable for private individuals)

- POST /users/appuserid/kyc to send any other supporting document

Sending the first item opens the request, then the next sendings will contribute to the request.
Warning : the name of the file sent must not exceed 100 caracters. The maximum size allowed in the request is 20 MB, the size per piece is 10 MB.

Validation of rejection of a KYC request

Verifying KYC requests takes a few seconds when using /idcontrol or /addresscontrol.
Please note that front and back sides of ID need to be sent in the same request in two different files. In addition, for the tests, proofs of adress and ID need to be real to be validated.

S-money verifies KYC requests within 48h. When the request is being processed, a notification is sent to the third-party server.