Access to a bank account :

 Access to bank accounts of the connected user
Access to a bank account of the connected user

1. Bankaccount

Property Type Example Description
Id Long 12 Bank account identifier
DisplayName String "Compte Bancaire" Bank account name
Bic String "CMCIFR2A" Bank Identifier Code (BIC)
Iban String "FRXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXX" International Bank Account Number (IBAN)
IsMine Bool true Ownership of the user’s bank account
Status Int 1 Bank account status
1 : Validated
2 : Waiting validation
3 : Refused
Holder Holder Object indicating the name and surname of the bank account holder
Demands Demands Object detailing the specifics of the request of validation of the bank account (RIB)

2. Holder

Property Type Exemple Description
FirstName String "John" Name of the bank account holder
LastName String "Doe" Surname of the bank account holder. Mandatory if the bank account does not belong to the connected user.

3. Demands

Property Type Exemple Description
Id Long 125 ID of the request of bank account details
RequestDate DateTime 2018-01-09T15:55:44 Date of the request
Status Int 0 Request status :
0 = Incomplete
1 = Ongoing
2 = Denied
3 = Accepted
Reason String Reason why the request has been denied
VoucherCopies List < Attachment > List of supporting documents