Send details of a bank account awaiting validation

A bank account with the status "Awaiting validation" has to be verified by S-money.

To obtain the validation of this bank account, you have to :
- Do a KYC request
- Send a copy of bank account details

To send the details of the bank account awaiting validation through the API, please have a look at the example in the right margin of this page.

To see the list of the user documents, please refer to this section.

Send data to the third-party server

The third-party server has to make available a server url enabling the S-money server to notify it when a bank account is registered with the status "awaiting validation" and it has been validated or rejected.

The call of the S-money Server is made using the method HTTP POST.

The parameters of the HTTP request are :

Parameter Type Description
type Int Operation type
10 = Bank account details
id Long Bank account ID
status Int 2 = Awaiting validation
userid String User ID
userstatus Int User ID
6 = Awaiting KYC (transfers blocked)

Example of callback :

POST https://s-money.fr/callback?type=10&id=270978&status=2&userid=623b5620-dca3-5b73-6011-46a8871e94bc&userstatus=6