Create a bank account (BIC / Iban)

To create a bank account (BIC / IBAN ), please have a look at the example in the right margin of this page.

Error cases :

HTTP Code Error code Explication
400 176 Invalid alias of the bank account
400 179 Incorrect IBAN : IBAN contains invalid characters (different from a-z, A-Z or 0-9)
400 180 Incorrect IBAN : IBAN presents an invalid structure : the first four characters must be structured as follows "letter letter number number"
400 181 Incorrect IBAN : The verification numbers of IBAN are invalid : the allowed values are 00, 01 or 99
400 182 Incorrect IBAN : unknown country code
400 183 IBAN incorrect : the number of characters for the country is incorrect
500 184 Incorrect IBAN
400 185 Incorrect IBAN
400 186 Incorrect BIC : BIC length is invalid
400 187 Incorrect BIC : Format of the BIC bank code is invalid
400 188 Incorrect BIC : Format of the BIC country code is invalid
400 189 Incorrect BIC : Format of the code of the BIC situation is invalid
400 190 Incorrect BIC : Format of the BIC branch code is invalid
400 551 You cannot create more than 3 bank accounts for a single user and per seven days (week)
400 556 Incorrect BIC
400 704 Parameter(s) of the missing request (s)
400 709 Adding a bank account is not allowed
400 1058 BIC and IBAN incoherent

Bank accounts are automatically validated after their creation, except for the sensitive BICs and for the extended professionals. In this case, you must send a RIB to S-money for validation.
Rendez-vous at the section "Send details of a bank account awaiting validation"

Warning : You can save only 3 bank account per week for one user (week to week)