Request a reference of a bank transfer top-up

Sequence diagram

Send the data of the bank transfer top-up request to the S-money server.

To send the data of the bank transfer top-up request, please have a look at the example in the right margin of this page.

Send the data of the completed transfer top-up to the third-party server

The third party server should provide the S-money server with a url, so that the latter can communicate the result of the top-up execution. Note that more top-ups can come with the same reference. .

The HTTP POST method is used to invoke the S-money server.

The parameters of the HTTP request are :

Parameter Type Description
id long Top-up operation ID
reference string Transfer operation ID
error Int Error code for failed payments, 0, if no errors.
type Int Operation type
8 = bank transfer top-up
status Int Operation status
-1 = unknown
0 = waiting
1 = Realised
2 = refunded
3 = refused
4 = waiting for validation
userid String User identifier in the third-party application
userstatus Int User status
0 = Not confirmed
1 = OK
2 = Frozen
3 = On the fly
4 = Being closed
5 = Closed