The recovery of direct debit top-up can be done through :

- /api/[domaine_partenaire]/users/AppUserId/payins/directdebits
- /api/[domaine_partenaire]/users/AppUserId/mandates/mandateid/directdebits


Contains the information about a direct debit top-up

Property Type Example Description
Id Long 123 Top-up ID
OrderId String xh02 Payment identifier in the third-party application
CreationDate DateTime 2014-01-10T15:49:58. 791121+02:00 Top-up creation date
PaymentDate DateTime 2014-01-13T00:00:00. 000000+02:00 Expected date of a top-up (between 3 and 6 business days from the creation date)
Amount Long 2350 Top-up amount (in cents)
Fee Long Fee amount (the property "amount" does not include the fee amount)
Status Int 1 Top-up status
0 = Waiting
1 = Completed
2 = Refunded
3 = Failed
4 = Waiting for validation
5 = Cancelled
Beneficiary SubAccountRef Item containg the details of the recipient sub-account. If not precised, it is the main account of the connected user which is used
IsMine Bool True True if the account holder is also the bank account holder (it is a top-up, and not a payment)
Message String Payment message (limited to 140 caracters)
Mandate MandateRef Mandate reference used for direct debit
Schedules PaymentSchedule Table of installments (more installments for direct debit)
Motif String echeance-avril Reason for the debit


This item allows to identify the accounts between which the operations are made.

Property Type Example Description
Id Long 98 Account identifier
AppAccountId String "123" Account identifier provided by the third-party application
DisplayName String "Jean Dupont" Display account name
Href Uri "/api/[domainePartenaire] /accounts/123" Uri for the account details


This item allows to identify the user’s bank account.

Property Type Example Description
Id Long 98 Bank account identifier
Href Uri "/api/[domainePartenaire]
Uri for details of the bank account


This item allows to identify a direct debit mandate

Property Type Example Description
Id Long 45 Mandate ID
Href Uri "/api/[domainePartenaire]
Uri for mandate details