Create a direct debit top-up

To create a direct debit top-up, please have a look at the example in the right margin.

The mandatory parameters are :
- orderid
- mandate
- amout
-  ismine

Precision  : Expect a delay between the debit of the paying bank account and the credit of the beneficiary user account.

Send the data of the top-up made by a third-party server

The third-party server needs to provide the S-money server with an url server, so that the S-money server can communicate the direct debit top-up validation (within 3 to 6 business days).

The HTTP POST method is used to invoke the S-money server.

The parameters of the HTTP request are :

Parameters Type Description
id string Transfer operation reference in the third-party application (orderid)
error Int Error code for failed payments, 0, if no errors.
type Int Operation type
7 = direct debit top-up
status Int Operation status
-1 = unknown
0 = en attente
1 = completed
2 = refunded
3 = refused
4 = waiting for validation
sequencenumber Int Direct debit sequence number (if multiple direct debit)
userid String User identifier in the third-party application
userstatus Int User status
0 = Not confirmed
1 = OK
2 = Frozen
3 = On the fly
4 = Being closed
5 = Closed