Ask for a reference of a top-up by cheque

3.1 Send data of the request of top-up by cheque to the S-money server

To ask for a reference of a top-up by cheque, please refer to the example in the right margin.

3.2 Send the third-party server data of a top-up by cheque made

The third-party server has to make available a server url enabling the S-money server to notify it of the result of the processing of a top-up.

Warning, multiple top-ups can come with the same reference.

Calling the S-money server is done using the HTTP POST method.

Parameters of the HTTP request are :

Parameters Type Description
id Long Top-up operation ID
reference String Cheque reference
error Int Error code for failed top-ups, 0 if no failure.
type Int Operation type
12 = top-up by cheque
status Int Operation status
-1 = unknown
0 = pending
1 = completed
2 = refunded
3 = refused
4 = waiting for validation
5 = canceled
6 = waiting for a remittance
userid String ID of the user in the third-party application
userstatus Int User status
0 = Not confirmed
1 = OK
2 = Frozen
3 = On the fly
4 = Closing
5 = Closed