A transfer can made through :

/api/DomainePartenaire/users/appuserid/payouts/storedbankaccounts to create a transfer to a registered account for a user belonging to the connected third-party application

The recovery of transfers can be made through :
/api/DomainePartenaire/users/appuserid/payouts/ to retrieve transfers for a user belonging to they connected third-party hird party application.


Property Type Example Description
OrderId String Moneyout-1 Bank transfer reference in the third-party application
Id Long 412 Bank transfer ID
AccountId SubAccountRef Indicate the sub-account used to make the payment
(if not indicated, it is the main account which is used)
BankAccount BankAccount Bank account used
Amount Long 2350 Bank transfer amount (in cents)
Fee Fee Fee
OperationDate DateTime 2013-09-10T
Bank transfer date
Message String Virement S-money du 22/01/2014 Name associated with the bank transfer. This field will be displayed on the bank statement of the bank transfer receiver.
ExtraParameters Extraparameters The list of parameters allowing to apply a predefined profile to the transaction


Property Type Example Description
Id Long Bank account identifier
DisplayName String "Compte bancaire" Bank account display name
Bic String Bank Identifier Code (BIC)
Iban String International Bank Account Number (IBAN)
IsMine Bool Bank account belongs to the user


Cet objet permet d’identifier les comptes entre lesquels les opérations s’effectuent.

Property Type Example Description
Id Long 98 Bank account identifier
AppAccountId String "123 " Account identifier provided by the third-party application
DisplayName String "Jean Dupont" Account display name
href url /api/DomainePartenaire/accounts/123 Uri for the acount details


The Fee item defines applicable fees.

Property Type Example Description
Amount long 150 Fee amount in cents (VAT not included)
VAT double 19.6 Fee percentage
AmountWithVAT long 179 Fee amount in cents (VAT included)
Status Int 1 Fee status
0 = Pending
1 = Succeeded
2 = Cancelled
3 = Failed
4 = Expired
5 = Refunded

1.5 Extraparameters
The ExtraParameters item defines specific parameters which will be applied to the operation.

Property Type Example Description
Reference String REF123456 Corresponding to EndtoEndID, it will be transferred in the operation of a SEPA transfer (limited to 35 characters)
Motif String Virement S-money Corresponding to the name, it will be transferred in the operation of a SEPA transfer (limited to 35 characters)