Property Type Example Description
Id Long 114 S-money user ID
AppUserId String Client-112 User identifier in the third-party application
Role int 1 User’s role
1 = Client
2 = Extended client (KYC)
Type int 1 User type
0 = N/A
1 = Individual client
2 = Professional clientl
Profile UserProfile User’s profile information
Amount Long Cumulative amount of all user sub-accounts (in cents)
SubAccounts List<Account> List of sub-accounts associated with the user
BankAccounts List<BankAccountRef > List of references to user’s bank accounts
CBCards List<CBCardRef> List of user’s CB cards
Status UserStatus 1 User status
0 = Not confirmed
1 = OK
2 = Frozen
3 = On the fly
4 = Being closed
5 = Closed
6 = Waiting for KYC (bank transfers blocked)
7 = Blocked
Company Company If the created user is a company, then it contains information of the company.


Property Type Example Description
Civility Int 0 Civility
0 = Mr
1 = 1 = Mrs, Miss
Firstname String Jean Name
Lastname String Dupont Surname
Birthdate Datetime 1985-09-29T00:00:00 Date of birth
Address Address Addresse
Phonenumber String 0600000001 Mobile phone number
Email String jeandupont@s-money.fr E-mail address
Alias String Jean-dupont User nickname
Maximum number of characters : 32
Photo PhotoRef Reference to the user photo
Birthcity String Paris City of birth
Birthcountry String FR Country of birth (code ISO 3166-1)
ThirdPartyIntroduction Int 0 0 si le client n’est pas Tiers Introduit


Property Type Example Description
Id Long 225 Account identifier
AppAccountId String "123" Account identifier in the third-party application
DisplayName String Jean Dupont Display name
Amount Int 5102 Account amount (in cents)
IsDefault Bool True Indicate if it is a main user account
CreationDate DateTime 2013-09-29T00:00:00 Account creation date


Property Type Example Description
Id Long 2 Bank account ID
Href String /api/bankaccounts/2 Link to bank account details


Property Type Example Description
Id Long 12 Card Id
href String /api/cards/22 Link to CB details


Property Type Example Description
Street String 2 rue des châtaigniers Number and street
Zipcode String 75001 Postcode
City String Paris City
Country String "FR" Nationality (code ISO 3166-1)
FR = France
DE = Germany
AT = Austria
BE = Belgium
BG = Bulgaria
CY = Cyprus
DK = Denmark
ES = Spain
EE = Estonia
FI = Finland
GR = Greece
HR = Croatia
HU = Hungary
IE = Irleand
IS = Iceland
IT = Italy
LV = Latvia
LI = Liechtenstein
LT = Lithuanie
LU = Luxembourg
MT = Malta
NO = Norway
NL = Netherlands
PL = Poland
PT = Portugal
CZ = The Czech Republic
RO = Romania
GB = Great Britain
SK = Slovakia
SI = Slovenia
SE = Sweden
CH = Switzerland
ZA = South Africa
AU = Australia
CA = Canada
KR = South Korea
US = United States
HK = Hong Kong
IN = India
JP = Japan
MX = Mexico
SG = Singapore


Property Type Example Description
Name String JP-Company Company or association name
Siret String 123456789 Siret or RNA
NAFCode String 4741Z Company NAF code